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#2. ¿Qué clase de científico eres? – What kind of a scientist are you?

What kind of a sientist are you?

Here is a quotation by Sir Peter Medawar that I love:

Scientists are people of very
dissimilar temperaments doing
different things in very different ways.
Among scientists are collectors,
classifiers and compulsive tidiers-up;
many are detectives by temperament
and many are explorers; some
are artists and others artisans.
There are poet-scientists and
philosopher-scientists and
even a few mystics.

#1. Ha nacido Ciencia Digital – Digital Science is born

     Bienvenidos a Ciencia Digital. Este blog nace el 21 de abril de 2013. Llevaba mucho tiempo queriendo escribir un blog divulgativo sobre ciencia e investigación. Hasta ahora, me echaban para atrás los montones de buenos blogs que existen y también la falta de tiempo. Pero he decidido liarme la manta a la cabeza y tratar de aportar mi granito de arena. Vamos allá…

     Welcome to Digital Science. This blog was born on April 21, 2013. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about blogging on science and research, but the great number of good existing blogs on this matter along with the lack of time put a brake on me. I’ve decided to jump ahead anyway and will try to provide my input. Here we go…